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Water Well Resources

Water Well Pump Installers Law:

A Water Well Driller drills, bores, cores, or constructs water wells. It includes an owner, an operator, a contractor, and a drilling supervisor. A Pump Installer installs or repairs well pumps and equipment.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources – Laws & Regulations:

Details regarding the laws and regulations surrounding Natural Resources in Missouri.

New York Statute Water Well Driller Registration Law:

The regulatory language surrounding Water Well Driller Registration in the state of New York.

Environmental Protection Agency – Water Well Rights:

Discusses details regarding wells in regards to types of wells, well components, and well location and construction.

Frost Law Resources

What Are Frost Laws?:

Frost Laws are restrictions on speed and/or weight limits on roads that are sensitive to weakening during a spring thaw. States and localities can impose jurisdiction as needed to protect those roads while the ground is thawing in the spring. Areas must be signed and posted by the governing agency.

Frost Law – Wikipedia:

A page from Wikipedia designed to give a better insight on Frost law.

Frost Laws by State:

A comprehensive list of the states in the United States that have regulations regarding Frost Laws, Seasonal Load Weight and Speed Restrictions. The page also includes information on a handful of Canadian provinces.

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Legal Organizations

St. Louis, Missouri Collaborative Divorce Attorneys :

The Missouri Collaborative Institute (“MCI”) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, practice group organized and dedicated to the promotion of the collaborative law method and its application to the resolution of divorce and family law matters in Missouri.

South Central Illinois Collaborative Family Law Association :

The South Central Illinois Collaborative Family Law Association is organized and dedicated to the promotion of educational, civic, social and professional services related to the collaborative law method and its application to the resolution of disputes involving family law matters in Illinois, including St. Clair County, Madison County, Sangamon County, McLean County and Monroe County, Illinois.

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Legal Blogs

Kansas City Family Lawyer Blog:

A family law and divorce blog for Kansas City area residents.

Illinois Divorce Law Blog:

A blog for Illinois residents facing a divorce or family law matter.

Frost Law: Are You Complying?:

Are you complying with Spring Weight Restrictions? This website provides helpful information regarding Frost Law.

St. Louis Divorce Lawyer Blog:

A family law and divorce blog for the residents of St. Louis, MO.

St. Louis Charles Divorce Lawyer Articles:

Are you facing a divorce or family law matter in St. Charles, MO? You may find this legal blog helpful.

New York Water Law Blog:

This blog covers legal developments relating to water usage in New York and in jurisdictions that may be influential in New York.

Springfield Illinois Divorce Attorneys Info:

A legal blog based around divorce and family law matters and information that residents in Springfield, Illinois and the surrounding areas may find useful.

Frost Law Blog:

This website provides information regarding “Frost Laws” in the Northern states of the United States.

Columbia Missouri Divorce Lawyers:

Are you facing a divorce or family law matter in or around Columbia, MO? You find this blog helpful in your matter.

Springfield Missouri Divorce Lawyer Blog:

For residents in Greene County and Springfield, MO, this divorce and family law blog may provide some insight and help you in your situation.

Innovative CLE Solutions:

A legal CLE company that provides online legal continuing education courses for legal professionals. 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Child Custody Blog:

A blog about divorce, family law and custody related issues for residents in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

Wichita Kansas Family Attorneys;

A divorce and family law blog for the residents in Wichita, Kansas and Sedgwick County.

Private Water Law Blog:

This blog provides readers with an overview of legal clients and services, a curation of water information and a blog on developments related to water resources law, policy and infrastructure.

Bloomington Family Lawyer Blog:

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Topeka Kansas Family Law Blog:

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Water Law Archives:

This blog keeps readers up to date on various legal issues impacting Texas agriculture.

Tulsa Oklahoma Family Law Lawyers:

A divorce and family law blog geared to provide insight to Tulsa, Oklahoma residents.

St. Louis & Midwest Father’s Rights Lawyers:

Are you a father facing a divorce or other family law matter? This blog provides unique information that you may find helpful in your situation.

Law Firm Practice Management Information:

Information and guidance for new law firms and small practices.

Family Law Headquarters – Divorce Law News:

The purpose behind Family Law Headquarters is to provide news and information regarding family law and divorce matters.  This site contains blog articles written by Family Law Attorneys at Stange Law Firm, PC on various topics for readers.