Many Believe Michigan Frost Laws Are A Scam

Many Believe Michigan Frost Laws Are A Scam

Frost laws can be important for many involved in the trucking industry. Frost laws can have an impact on the business in the area of work.

In Michigan, many are calling the Michigan Frost Laws a scam. The issue revolves around the weight limits that are involved along with the percentage of weight reduction.

Those who complain seem to complain largely on the lack of signage to put truckers on notice. For example, one webpage says the following:

“Knowing this local municipalities still continue to refuse to use proper notice in signage and in doing so, take advantage of this situation in issuing multi thousand-dollar citations on unwary truck drivers who happened on these roadways which are normally legal for their travel.”

To further give more on this note, those who believe these frost laws are scams, they argue that more notice should be given by law enforcement through the use of signs to keep truckers of restrictive roadways. Without these signs, many argue that they were not put on notice and that this is a money grab on the part of the government.

According to some, the lack of signage results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines each season. The argument is that this is needless because with the usage of signs, truckers would know to stay off these roads and would comply.

For those who are being fined for violations, it may be wise to hire legal counsel to contest these matters. A lawyer may be able to raise an argument that could result in these fines being waived due to the lack of notice.